It's like two Father's Days in a row!

Sam is becoming an old man! Today he turns 29 years old! Sam is the most tender-hearted guy I have ever known. Yet, when he gets competitive, he knows how to trash talk and he isn't afraid to do it. He is so loyal. He has the best sense of humor and it is so unique. He is an amazing listener; he gets home from his internship and just listens to me go on and on about how cute Alex is or how terrible it was that I didn't finish something I wanted to do that day. I don't deserve him but I'll be keeping him anyway! At least until he turns 30, that's pretty old and I may have to reconsider. :)


Buck and Whitni Watkins said...


The Paxton Family said...

love the pictures! you guys are so sweet and perfect for each other! happy birthday sam! (belated of course!)

Brittney said...

I think you may have found your perfect match, hooray! :)
This was the same for Seth because his birthday was the 22nd. We need to spread their holidays out a bit more!

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