Who needs hair?

I am considering cutting my hair. I know, the MomChop (read this blog, I love her!). Everyone does it when they have a kid. I am having some issues with the idea though. People keep asking me if I have ever thought of cutting my hair. Yes, of course. But what if I hate it? I have not cut my hair since 4th grade. It grows really slowly so if I don't like the hair cut, I am basically stuck with short hair for years.

The picture quality is poor because I scanned in the entire frame. It works to show you that my hair has been long for a while now. You may have noticed, starting in 7th grade, my hairdo of choice was a ponytail.  

I cannot count how many times I have considered picking up scissors and cutting it off myself. That would have looked terrible, I'm sure. I have never thought about cutting it this seriously though, as is obvious since it is serious enough that I am writing it down.

During the pregnancy, my hair started growing straight, now it is growing back frizzy around the front of my head. Argh, I hate it! I feel like I have not had a good hair day for months. My hair is so heavy (which is strange because it is very thin) and it feels matted to my head.

I saw this picture of the back of my head on a friend's blog and almost cried. Does my hair really look that terrible? Yikes.

Another concern is that since my hair is going straight at the top, if I cut off the bottom then will I have all straight hair? My self-image is very strongly connected to having curly hair. I see myself as a curly brunette. Maybe it is only straight because the rest of the hair is weighing it down?

 This is my one of my high school Senior pictures. See how my hair used to be curly at the top? What happened to that?

I have never dyed my hair and I don't think I want to start because I am too lazy to keep it up. Most days, I wear my hair in a pony tail. I know getting a hair cut does not magically change the texture or style of my hair but I definitely need something lighter ('tis the season to get a haircut)! I don't feel dressy unless my hair is down though. But if I wear it down, it better look good! No point in having it get in my way if it isn't even going to look good.

I know my hair will not look like this. But I can at least get closer, right?

I did one of those online makeover things and this is what my picture looks like when I put shorter hair on it:

Sam didn't even believe it was me.

So what do you think? Should I cut it?


Spencer and Anna said...

Now, just as a disclaimer, you can't blame me if you end up hating it. :) But...I think you would look really cute with shorter hair. I think it would be a fun change for you and you'd look great---honestly. So that's my opinion, but I am not claiming any responsibility for your actions. :) And I know I should be blogging. I'm a slacker. I might start one tonight. Thanks for the encouragement.

Roo said...

That is all I am going to say :)

The Paxton Family said...

the worst that can happen is, you hate it. then you wear your hair up for a while... but you HAVE been wearing your hair up in a pony tail for a while now huh? so that won't really matter.
just make sure when you cut it, it can still be pulled back into a ponytail in case you hate it.
my bet is, even though it might seem odd for a little bit, you WON'T hate it.
The reason mom's cut their hair after having a kid... it's TOUGH to keep doing your hair when you are tired, or busy, or your kid is yanking on it, or eating it... plus it is WORTH THE MONEY to go to a saloon and get a LITTLE pampered. I'm not saying go crazy with money, but something more than a supercuts makes you walk out happier.
I totally recommend cutting your hair, you aren't going to get any happier with it down and long if you aren't happy now true? and it actually MIGHT help change the texture of your hair. BOTH of my pregnancies did a NUMBER on my hair. I used to have SUPER DUPER curly hair, Mak made me go bald in patches, and Oscar made it go thin and oily. UGH! So YES opt for the hair cut, and if you are really nervous, do it in stages. Just cut a little off at a time, if you like it or want to go shorter, you have both options still open to you!
ok, really long comment...
just getting you back for your really long comment on mine i guess ;-)
miss your guts lady! can't wait to see what you decide to do! sam and alex will think you are one hot mama either way :-)

Nathan and Hailey Frogley said...


Kristen Sheranian said...

Cut for sure. It is totally better. I went through the same dilemma. I hadn't cut my hair short for years. When I did it was wonderful. I love having short hair. you will look darling.

The Macks said...

I say yes but not above your shoulders. That would be even harder to style because you can't pull the front into a pony. Believe me, I did it senior year and it was so much harder to do. Love you!

The Macks said...

I say yes but not above your shoulders. That would be even harder to style because you can't pull the front into a pony. Believe me, I did it senior year and it was so much harder to do. Love you!

Bridget said...

Do it, but don't just chop, get it cut to a style. I think it will look super cute.

That said, your hair is gorgeous as is, so you really could keep it and still be beautiful...


Anonymous said...

I agree with the Macks, I'd say yes but not above your shoulders. but I think you should do it, I'm sure it would look great :)

Daniel & Carly said...

Emily, go for it! Haha..I just did this on Monday and even though it turned out shorter than I expected, it feels weird on my neck and I miss my long hair now...I love it where it is now! and guess what?! Monday--I wore my hair down, Tuesday--I wore my hair down and Wednesday (today) I don't have it down but I don't have it in a plain ponytail which was my basic and WAY-TOO-OFTEN-used-hairdo. Ha. it's in 2 back ponytails/pigtails and they actually look cute now,..not just like pippy long stocking. :) AND BEST PART! When I blow dried my hair..it "literally" took 5 min or less to blowdry it. This is coming from someone who normally has LONG (and always) thick hair that takes 10-15 minutes at the LEAST to dry. So...if you're thinking this seriously about it..go for it! But do it within reason so you can still ignore it if you don't like it tons. (aka..pony :) ) There's my 2 cents. But that pic did actually look cute with the short hair on you.

Daniel & Carly said...

Also..a girl I know who had leukemia and lost all her hair from it took these vitamins and rubbed this stuff on her scalp and seriously...in less than a year after having hair shorter than your fingernail..she had hair a little longer than her shoulders! So...you can always try that if you don't like it..

The Paxton Family said...

and with all your lovely curly hair, you could always donate it to locks of love too :-)

Lcurls said...

DOOOO it!! I seriously know what you mean when your hair "defines" you. It doesn't. I chopped off 10 inches.. dyed it blonde, cut it shorter, and then eventually dyed it red.thats after a lifetime of having long brown hair. its so much fun. I'm not saying dye your hair like 347 colors.. but Its really fun to find what you can look like. I say do it.. and do it again!:)

Rebecca said...

ARGGHh!! i totally have this same problem! I used to have really great hair, it looked awesome when I actually took the effort to blow it dry and such. I don't know what happened during pregnancy but now I've got super waves beneath the top half layer of my hair, and the rest is STICK straight! My hair can't compromise, straight or curly....and it is making my do's horrible! haha please tell me if you find the solution!

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