The intern.

I haven't recorded very much about Sam or his internship. He loves AP. The environment is great and he gets along with everyone very well. I am having a hard time talking him into taking his lunch because he loves going out and visiting with people so much!

He has shown me a couple of projects he is working on and I was blown away! It looks like he actually learned stuff at Cornell! He is putting together some amazing projects. As part of his intern project his boss has him interviewing all of the heads of HR in the entire company.  This is big deal because not all interns get the chance to interact and become familiar with the entire HR leadership of the company they work for. Sam has been told by many of the people that he is interviewing that his boss is mentoring him with Sam becoming his replacement in mind.  Everyone is very impressed by him. He said he has never gotten so much positive feedback as he gets from his supervisor.

Everyone I have met is incredibly nice and we are still thrilled with everything AP has offered us. It was such a sweet surprise to get an internship with an amazing company because we were willing to take anything! We never expected to get a very competitive internship. Sam is working so hard and learning all he can. He is ready for bed by 9pm because he got so wiped out at work.

Sam after his first day.


The Harker's said...

I am glad you guys are having such a great experience and that Sam is loving working there!:)

The Paxton Family said...

yeah for sam! i knew he was a keeper! :-) good luck with the internship and job future!

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