Caves, Berries, and Catch

We finally got ready for the day around noon on Saturday. We don't have very many weekends left here and figured we shouldn't waste another minute so we packed up and went to see a few things around here. Here are our adventures of the day.


Geevz said...

What fun adventures! I swear there are more cool things to do out east than in AZ, but I am probably just too lazy to look up stuff here.

The Paxton Family said...

how cool! i just passed a blueberry farm TODAY and thought "i had no idea what blueberries grew on, or how they looked" hahaha!
glad you are having so much fun! and i am glad you are able to spend time as a family! it is so important to have days like that!

Celeste said...

Emily your blog is always so fun to read! Just wanted you to know I have really enjoyed hearing about all your adventures. I dream of being as good a blogger as you :)

PS How did you get so many pictures on your post? Its amazing!

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