Sibling Shoe Store

My sister, Michelle, is a shoe addict. She had collected so many shoes that she didn't even wear all of them! When I arrived at her house, she had rows of shoes she was trying to give away! My mom and I were fighting over them because they were so cute. I was able to get five very nifty pairs of shoes and have already worn four of the pairs (no use for snow/hiking boots right now). A few of these belonged to my other sister, Rachael, and it makes them even more fun to wear. Although, because the high heels belonged to her, it is a painful memory. :) My toesies were hurting on Sunday!

She actually had look-alikes of my favorite shoes but they were one size too big! I honestly considered stuffing toilet paper into the toes so they would fit. She said she was "too old" to wear them! Impossible! The best-shoes-ever are fitting for all ages.


The Paxton Family said...

i am totally loving the gellies! i can't find any that i like for mak except at old navy, i can't believe they have them in adult sizes! crazy!
and those pink high heeled ones are my TOTAL FAVS! i want a pair!

Ali said...

I love your pairs of heels!!! So cute!

Camille Elise said...

When I was living at the house in Provo for a summer Michelle gave me some shoes too...that I absolutely loved! Flip flops that became my new all time favorite and have never found equals since!

Trina said...

Those pink shoes are amazing! So cute!

Anonymous said...

those are awesome!! i love the pink ones :)

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