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Back in my student days (because they were oh so long ago, circa 2009), I would always put off papers or my readings until the night before they were due. I claimed that I worked better under pressure. I often got better grades on the papers I started just hours before they were due. I have now realized, I think better at night. I am too tired to over-think things. I am not being bothered by everything else going on. When it is dark, I do not see a million things around me that need to be done. I can just think, uninterrupted. Lately, I have been having very little uninterrupted time. If I do have it, it comes around 2am. That really makes me wish I hadn't spent so much time thinking when 6am rolls around.

In my late night thoughts, I think about how life was while I was homeschooled, how life was in high school, how life was in college, how life was as a newlywed, and how life is now as a mother. All of my experiences have brought me moments of happiness as well as the moments of sadness, frustration, or pain. I am the type of person to look at the past and say, "Wow, life sure was great and easy back then." I am constantly either looking forward to something or reminiscing on the past. [I just spelled "reminiscing" right without even checking, boo-ya.]

The other night, I was thinking about how glad I am to be where I am right now. I am not sure how everything has happened to get me here, it has worked out nicely though. Sam and I have innumerable blessings. I look forward to tomorrow because, chances are, I will be as happy as I was today. I remember yesterday because of how happy I was. Sure, Alex ripped half my hair out, I didn't make dinner, and I had to listen to the upstairs neighbors stomp around all day. But I snuggled with my boys, enjoyed nature, and had a place to call home.

I am filled with emotions over how amazing things are going. I am grateful for prayer and that they get answered, even though not always my way. We move a lot, but my home is wherever Sam and I are together. Today, I am grateful for today.


Brea said...

such a fantastic way to look at life Em! :) life is hard sometime but the hard stuff always makes the good stuff look even BETTER! :)

jonnajack said...

I love it. It is really nice to sit back and look at the big picture sometimes. Give me a better perspective. Thanks for the post!

The Johnsons said...

I loved reading this...it left me with such a nice feeling!

The Paxton Family said...

i just love it when i spell a big word right on the first try! :-)
i am SOOOO bad about the nostalgia thing, I am ALWAYS looking back, but I think you're right, "right now" life is great :-)
And you do have the cutest little guy! He is so sweet in his pictures! Thanks for being a friend, and for your great posts like this one about blessings, and for your posts about what you are up to, and even your posts that blow off steam, I love reading them all. You have a great way with words and a fun perspective on life! You are such a great mother too, I love seeing pictures with you and Alex and hearing about him. You are doing such a great job raising him!
Hope you have the best ever summer!

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