Alex's Top 10 Activities

I feel like I am repeatedly posting the same things about Alex but I do not think I can overemphasize how much he loves these things. We are getting worried we are going to have to sign him up for rehab groups (i.e. Eating Pencils Anonymous). I'm sure they exist. Here are Alex's top ten activities:

1. Closing doors
2. Banging on laptops
3. Shredding paper
4. Climbing over people instead of going around
5. Pulling hair
6. Deconstructing his ring toy
7. Eating pencils
8. Yelling
9. Pulling books off shelves
10. Kneeling while making very concerned faces

For his birthday, we are planning to let him do all of the above. It will be Sam's hair he will be pulling.

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Jeff and Rachael Downs said...

Hahaha, cute! I think I might have to steal this idea from you and see if I can come up with a Top Ten list for Wyatt...

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