Baby Passport

We have the cutest kids in the world. People ask us if we are done having kids and I just look at them like they are insane. How could we deprive the world of more cuteness like our boys?! Not a chance!

I am not really sure what should be blurred out on a passport, but it seems like something should be, so there you go.


Yes. That is his tongue. Can't tell? Here's a close-up. Still can't tell? So sorry.


No trip is planned, we just wanted to be prepared. Everyone in the family has a passport now and we are ready to travel/move when the time comes! See Alex's passport photo here. Our kids have the best drugged-out mugshot passports ever.

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Naomi Mae said...

Hahaha! Too cute! Oscar is 2 weeks old in his passport photo... Swaddled and asleep, so I'm not sure if they can actually tell it's him, but we too can travel borders as a family :-)
By the way, I'm glad you aren't depriving the world of more cute Merkley babies.

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