Dare "Devil"

I was working on uploading pictures for this post when I got a text from my sister Michelle saying that her 19 month old son, Keaton, just broke his wrist! I hope Alex's daredevil antics never end up in a broken bone, although if he keeps up his ways, he'll probably be joining his casted cousin soon.

Alex is so adventuresome. To him, everything is a wall to be scaled, a hill to be jumped on, a ball to be rolled on, a crack to run full blast toward and trip over. Beds were created to be jumped on, right? Add water into the mix, and our little devil is the happiest boy on the planet.









Noelle @ Mesa AZ Photography said...

Oh he is funny. Never a dull moment at your house.

Your boys are adorable. basically.

Jershelly said...

Haha! I love that picture of him getting a drink out of the sink. That is hilarious.

Naomi Mae said...

He is awesome! Like Super Alex! What a little cutie!

Michelle Lyons said...

ROFL. That video is great. He jumped half way down the slide!

The One Klar said...

Oh gosh! These pictures are SO SO adorable. Your kids are super cute! I'm so glad you take so many pictures of them. I can't wait to have pretty kids like you!

Rachel said...

He is brave! I love the picture of Alex eating all the marshmallows. I actually can't buy lucky charms anymore because I'm sick of having no marshmallows left in the box.

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