The Frenchies in Texas

One of Sam's friends/classmates from Cornell has worked for SLB in Sugar Land for a year. When Sam got the job offer, he talked to Simon about what to expect here. We had Simon and his wife Elsa over for dinner and it was so fun. I met them once in Ithaca before they were married but we were at a basketball game so it wasn't very conducive to getting to know them. They are so awesome. I loved talking to them and learning about their lives and their love story.


Elsa was so great with the kids. She kept saying, "coucou (koo-koo)" to Alex which apparently is a slang version of "Hello" in French. It was really cute. She also teaches French lessons if anyone is interested! I told Elsa not to bring anything for dinner so she was sneaky and brought this beautiful bouquet! They lasted for a couple of weeks and were amazing!



Jershelly said...

Wow... that's a good idea with the bouquet! I'll have to remember that.

Noelle @ Mesa AZ Photography said...

Those flowers (lilies?) are awesome!

So I have to tell you: Last night I dreamed that I came to visit you. (By myself, I didn't even have Valette.) You were still living in New York and I met you at some stadium and then you wanted me to drive your car so everyone would fit better. (Why that would make sense I do not know.) I am not the most skilled driver and I kept arguing but you and Sam were both convinced that I needed to drive your car with the whole family in it.

Nuts I tell you. But hey, it was good to see you in my dreams. Hahaha.

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