Bugging Me

There is only one thing I hate about Texas: bugs. They are everywhere. Ants especially. We cannot sit on the grass, go outside barefoot, or stand in one place too long. Alex has learned not to play in our backyard and instead plays on the deck only. He is always telling us when he sees a bug. We have had spiders, ants, cockroaches, earwigs, small beetles, crickets, and one baby lizard in our house. Disgusting.


There are so many ants here, that Alex now thinks every bug is an ant. Sam would pick up bugs and put them in the garbage/toilet. Alex started picking up on that and was trying to pick up spiders! So Sam taught him how to step on ants. Now Alex tries to step on every "ant." It rained a few days ago and we had a two feet wide ant hill pop up in our backyard. We cannot water the lawn, pull weeds, or bring in the garbage can without getting bug bites. When we are outside, Sam will squat down to look for anthills. Alex will bend over and look at the ground really closely, too.

Alex copying Mommy by using a shoe and hitting the wall.

I've been promised that the bugs go away in a few months. I really hope that is true. I am tired of having bumps all over my hands, arms, and legs because I decided to pick a weed.

Edison was lying on the floor and started screaming. They got him in the neck rolls.
Alex's poor legs are always bumped, bruised, and bitten.

Since we have learned what to do to keep bugs out, our house has been much less bug-infested. No cockroaches or crickets for a month or two! Hallelujah. But now that there has been some moisture, I have seen mosquitoes. Oh goody.

The boys always have little bumps on their chests/backs.

It isn't too bad though. I kill a bug or two a day inside but it helps me keep the house really clean. My sister is in town visiting. I told her about the bugs everywhere. She told me this morning that she woke up in the middle of the night last night and there was a mouse on the wall! She was like, "I am going to die!" It was just the door knob though. Luckily, we have not had any mice (or even heard of other people having mice). Hopefully this doesn't deter people from visiting us. It's all part of the experience!


Matthew & Laura said...

We used to have a ton of bugs in our apartment when we first moved in. I once found a 6 inch long WORM crawling in the middle of our living room run. How the!? We have little aunt killer traps and spider paper in strategic places. I haven't seen an aunt in months. Your boys are adorable, have I told you that?

Janelle said...

Alex's mommy learned the shoe method from her mommy. :)

Jershelly said...

That doesn't sound fun at all. I hope the bugs go away soon! I remember getting bitten by fire ants in Texas one summer that I visited my aunt and uncle.

The Harker's said...

I HATE BUGS!!!! Yuck! But glad you didn't actually have a mouse. I think I would have started having nightmares at night at that point.:(

Lauren Stuart and Madeline Jane said...

Yuck. Well there is lice going around Winston court so just be glad you aren't here right now!!!

Rachel said...

Yuck! I am not a fan of bugs. It's awesome you've taught your son to kill them. Good job, mom!

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