Non Sequiter

Sam: What if I were a lawyer, Emily?
Emily: Did you just say my name?
Sam: Yeah. What was that all about?

I never answered his original question. We are the only ones in the room.
Weird, Sam. Weird. And yes, I did just say your name.


TrebleClef said...

In what way did you 'Did you just say my name?' 'Cause it makes no sense.

Merkley Jiating said...

Who is TrebleClef? It makes sense to me. And since I don't even know who you are, I don't really feel like explaining our marriage to you.

The One Klar said...

Haha! I think this is so great. I'm not kidding when I say I'll be coming to you and your blog for help and advice when my life turns a corner and I get married and start having babies that are hopefully as adorable as yours.

Kristi said...

Oh I am loving your blog!! gonna stalk it today.

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