Two Fun Parties

We went to two cute birthday parties a few weeks ago. I met Jami soon after moving here and we have been playgroup friends since then. Her birthday party was so fun. We played a game where the husband would answer questions about his wife and then the wife would try to match his answer about her. Sam and I did really well. We lost because he said Mexican was my favorite type of food. Mexican?! I like it, it's true, but he totally spaced my love for Chinese food.


Alex was invited to Amie's 3rd birthday party. She is in our ward. The decorations were ridiculously amazing. The theme was fairies and pirates (so the boys would be interested in it as well). Alex spent the whole time sneaking magic wands (pretzels with the tips dipped in chocolate and sprinkles) off of the table.


They did a pinata. Alex had never seen one before and was so timid about hitting it. It was adorable.


That bag was full of party favors. So many toys and so much candy! It was confiscated and resides in our kitchen cabinet.


Edison was entertained by the balloons. Kids' love for balloons begins young.



Lauren Stuart and Madeline Jane said...

Edison has gotten so big Emily!! Looks like you guys are having a blast!!

Matthew & Laura said...

SO cute :)

I hope you like the Maze Runner. It took me a couple pages to get into it but I am hooked now. Also, did you see the teaser trailer for the Hunger Games movie?
You may have to lock yourself in the bathroom to get a couple pages read lol. You are super busy with your 3 boys though so its understandable :)

Camille Elise said...

My ultimate favorite part of this post: "Alex didn't want lunch" ha ha ha ha ha...LOVED.

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