HP & Jiffy Pop

My visiting teaching companion is awesome. She invited me to go see Harry Potter with some girls from her old ward. I was worried to leave Edison with Sam because we had never tried giving him a bottle before. The morning of the movie, I took Edison to the doctor because he was sick. It was our first time to the pediatrician here and they left our paperwork on the counter and didn't put his name in the stack. I noticed that the waiting room had completely turned over since I got there an hour earlier so I asked how much longer it would be until they could see him. They had forgotten about us! It caused us to be very rushed to get to the movie and I didn't have time to nurse Edison before going into the theater. I told Sam to give him the bottle when he woke up. But when he woke up, he wouldn't take the bottle! Sam says Edison screamed for a little. Poor kid. While we were in the movie, our husbands and kids went to the store and got things together for a barbecue. When we got home, we had a great lunch already prepared! I was very impressed! It was fun to play games and get to know new people.


We made Jiffy Pop for Family Home Evening one week. I highly recommend it: activity and treat in one! It was so fun and Alex loved it. He wouldn't even wait for it to cool off.




Naomi Mae said...

Glad you are making friends and getting to know people! And that you gotnto leave Edison behind for a bit! Good for you and Sam :-)

Noelle @ Mesa AZ Photography said...

You always make friends so quickly! I would have to beg to get Eric to go to a ward activity. I told him once our kids are old enough to care he won't get out of it anymore.

I bet Alex loved the magic of the Jiffy Pop. I have never seen it, but doing it with little kids is the best idea. Smart mommy!

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