Visit from an old friend

Tyler and Sam grew up together in Layton. He and his wife (hello, Thais!) live in Dallas now. I met them once before but it has been a few years since I had seen either of them. Tyler came to Houston for a week because  he was training new employees. He invited Sam to go to an Astros game. Sam had a lot of fun. They got $10 tickets and then ended up moving down.


The next night, Tyler came over for dinner. He is ridiculously friendly and it was fun to visit with him. Next time I hope he brings Thais though. I tried to make them sit on the couch. Nope, they insisted on sitting on the floor.



Geevz said...

I love meeting John's old friends! I think he had better taste than I did because his are all witty and hilarious and smart doctors these days. Couple friends seem to work better when they start as my husbands friends too.

Thais said...

Awe Em! I'm glad they had fun. I'm hoping to get down there sometime after I take the GRE. We want to go to the Houston temple! Maybe right before Christmas.

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