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Chelsey is my cousin! She got married in December and I got to go to her wedding but I had never really met her husband (Nate). Nate spent the summer in Houston doing an internship for med school. I was so excited to play with Chelsey. But I got sick, then the boys got sick, then I got pink eye. It was almost time for Nate and Chelsey to go back to school. But finally we got together! They came over for dinner. It was a little tricky to cook. Nate is allergic to gluten, dairy, and sugar. I decided to make a Chinese dish and replaced some ingredients (agave nectar for sugar, gluten-free soy sauce). It actually tasted pretty good! We had fruit salad and banana/strawberry homemade "ice cream" for dessert.


Although I started out really worried about killing Nate by making something he couldn't eat, it ended up being a really fun night. Alex was our entertainment for the evening (as he is every evening). He had just learned to say, "Basketball hoop" and he was very excited to share his new knowledge.


We got to play cards and talk for a couple of hours. It was so fun! We really love card games. I am sad they had to go back to Utah and I hope Nate gets into med school here next year so they can come back again! (It is bizarre to think that we will still be here when they come back. Being semi-permanent is so strange.)



Naomi Mae said...

It's amazing to me, how many people have visited you and vice versa since you've only been out for a summer! Crazy!
BTW: super excited to visit TODAY!!!

Chelsey Law said...

I just got time to look at your blog and saw this post - it looks great! Thanks so much for having Nate and I over for dinner that night, we had a wonderful time and Nate loved getting to know you and Sam better! Hope everything is going well, love you guys!

p.s. - your kids are adorable as always!

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