Sam's Birthday

After we left the Children's Museum, we went to SLB to get a tour. Sam showed us where he works, although he has moved to an office now.


We went out to dinner at Grimaldi's. I love that place. The waiter gave Alex some extra dough so he could play with it. He wanted to eat it though. Yeasty...


After dinner, Alex got into the water again. Bad parenting. Next time we need to bring his swimming suit because this is just getting ridiculous. He is just adorable though. We couldn't stop him.





Sam requested an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. When I ordered it, I was worried that they would accidentally write, "Happy 3rd birthday, Sam." Because seriously, what 30-year-old wants an ice cream cake?! I have to admit is was delicious though.

Sam had a great birthday! I got him a gift card to Buffalo Wild Wings. I thought I was being so thoughtful. His sister decided to be thoughtful, too. So now he has $55 in gift cards to Buffalo Wild Wings and I don't even like that restaurant. Sarcastic yippee!


Spencer and Anna said...

I'll still want an ice cream cake when I turn 30! :)

Matthew & Laura said...

My wedding cake was FUNFETTI of all classy things. Happy Birthday Sam! It looks like you will be needing to sign Alex up for swim lessons as soon as he is old enough lol. Love you guys!

Matthew & Laura said...

Are you going to get your night stand back? lol.

I agree, if we lived closer we would definitely hang out all the time. And it would be awesome. :)

I decided when I was a kid that I wanted my wedding cake to be funfetti lol. It was soooo tasty too. Even a year later...

I did look in to TeleNotes but I haven't had a chance to apply. I think when I get back to Provo I will get more serious about it.

Elena said...

Em,jeanene c. is my mom. And I have a super delicious recipe for ice cream cake that actually doesn't involve cake so really it's ice cream pie but square :)And it's sooooooo good.

Roo said...

Nothing better than a DQ ice cream Cake. Holla Sam!

The Harker's said...

Love Grimaldi's too, enough to wait in hour+ lines in Brooklyn for it two seperate times. And Scott still thinks of it as the best pizza ever.:) And, no, Dylan is not already in Little League.:) Borrowed the hat from my sister, who did have a son in it at one time.:)

Naomi Mae said...

Haha, I like everyone responding to comments you left on their blogs! You're the best blogging friend EVER!

I love Edison on Sam's desk in the background. Too funny!
Alex and Oscar would get along great because O is ALWAYS jumping into water where ever he sees it! Literally jumping! We walked the San Antonio river walk and Jordan had to hold him tight the entire time because he kept saying "water! Water!" until he passed out from the exhaustion of struggling to get to the river!

Also, next week, awesome! Too excited! Are you far from the Astros Stadium? We'll have to hash the details this week :-)

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