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Where do people find time to do everything? The days are just flying by. I get one thing done, and suddenly it's midnight. This is an introduction to our house. It is scary for me to post these pictures because our house does not look like I wish it looked. But cuteness costs money and we just bought a car.

Sam and I feel like we are on vacation still. When do we have to go back to school? Does he really get to come home and do nothing all night?! I am so happy with life these days. Sometimes I just look around and can't help but smile because of how happy I am.

I also figured I should write down some things about Texas:
-It seems a lot like Arizona. There have not been any big adjustments for me. It seems comfortable. I haven't heard any Texas accents but Sam said there are people with accents at work.
-We go on a walk and Alex says, "Hot, hot, hot."
-This is my first time living in the Central Time Zone. Sam has lived in Oklahoma and Illinois though.
-We bought a candy bar at the store and it was melted by the time we got to the car. We have been told to keep a cooler in the back of our car when we go grocery shopping.
-All the gas stations have diesel at every pump.
-Alex likes to call out every truck he sees.
-We have a doorbell.
-Bugs everywhere. Alex has become an excellent bug stepper-onner. He used to try to pick them up but after I saw him trying to pick up spiders, I taught him to stomp on bugs.
-You can't get cold water out of the faucets. Alex says, "Hot" every time I wash his hands. I tell him, "It's not hot, we live in Texas." We burned our hands while trying to fill water balloons with the hose.
-We are already getting used to the heat.
-There is a streetlight outside our house. It makes it feel homey.

The weather makes me happy. Want to go outside and play tomorrow? Sure, go ahead! How about the next day? Also great weather! In fact, there is no rain or snow in the forecast. You can go ahead and play outside any day you want!


A friend from Sam's mission came over and said, "You guys don't have your stuff yet?!" Yeah, it has some empty space. All the better for guests to fill!



A few days before we moved, we bought a washer and dryer from some people in our ward who were moving to Russia. At first, their mother (who was running the yard sale when we stopped by) told us they were selling them for $200 (for both). When we went to pay and pick them up, we were told it was $250. We felt bad for them because they were selling nearly everything they owned so we paid them $225.
Does having our own washer and dryer mean I lost my excuse to wear the same thing three times? Let's say, "No." Not paying $4 a load is really nice, but after not having our own washer/dryer for so long, I think I need to retrain myself to not pack the washer so full that nothing can spin.




We have a super ghetto oven. Not as ghetto as before (at least this one has a window), but still ghetto. I am in love with having a refrigerator with ice and water in the door. I am not sure if I'll ever be able to go back to not having it. I drink so much water now! I also love having a disposal. I still find myself scraping Alex's plate into the garbage out of habit. But doing dishes is so much easier with it.


I posted a picture of our messy closet so you could make fun of Sam for having more clothes than I do.




Having a garage is beautiful. We never have to scrape our car again. Oh wait...


Taking care of our weeds consumes most of our evenings. Those weeds are starting to grow on me. And everything else. We just got a letter from the HOA that we need to edge our lawn. I guess spraying grass killer around the edges isn't going to work. The play thing is from the homeowner. He emailed me and asked if I thought Alex would enjoy it. We have permanently inherited it now!


Just to get these miscellaneous things out of the way... We went to a delicious restaurant one day. I love when we don't have to pay for dinner.


We both have Texas driver's licenses now. I waited in line outside of the building for 1.5 hours and then inside the building for an hour. Unbelievable. The picture on the right is of bites and scratches. Alex wears shorts every day now and, with his dare "devil" antics, he gets lots of wounds.


We bought a little pool for our backyard. Alex loves swimming out there so much. Edison does not like it as much.




Rebecca & Jeff said...

Your house looks amazing! So jealous! And I LOVED your parental interview for Alex's 2nd birthday! That is seriously the best idea EVER! I want to start right now. Love it! Such a good way to remember the little things they do, and a fun way for them to see what we as parents were like. We are so doing this. So happy you all are doing so well!

Geevz said...

Oh fun! When we moved into our first house, all of our stuff fit into the front room. It's amazing what tripling your square footage can do. I also adore having a washer and dryer. Thanks for reminding me not to take it for granted :)

Melissa said...

How exciting! I am most jealous of your fenced back yard. Or maybe your washer/dryer. Also, Jonathan has more clothes than me :)

Jershelly said...

That must be so nice having a house...with a pantry...and a washer/dryer...and an extra room...and a fenced in yard...and a garage. You are living the dream.

Matthew & Laura said...

Yay! Emily the new house is so great! I bet it is so nice to finally be able to settle in somewhere.

Burke family said...

Your house looks so great! Isn't it nice to have so much space, and a yard, and a washer and dryer... But somehow I really miss Winston Ct! :)

Elena said...

How fun!! I love your backyard, it looks pretty big. I have to say I take Washington's weather over Texas weather any day. 75 and sunny with a cool breeze :)

Reimstar said...

Awesome! You guys have so much space! That is so nice! Glad you are liking it so far, I'm so happy for you guys! :)

Noelle @ Mesa AZ Photography said...

You will be shocked how 6 months from now you don't feel like your house is so big anymore because you've accumulated so much.

May you always keep your garage so clean. That looks fantastic.

Also, good job being diligent and getting your license so quickly. My brother and his family moved back to Arizona a year ago and they still have Missouri plates and licenses.

Janelley said...

Emily your house looks great! I love your backyard and deck. I'm glad things are going well for you there! Jason's sister lives in Lubbock. I don't know how far away that is from you guys but if we ever make it out there to see them I'd love to do a little "meet me in the middle" action to see you guys!

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