Say What?


I catch myself saying things to Alex and then wonder how my life got to this point. I sure am lucky, but wow, I say these things like they are normal.

Don't throw hard things at me. Only soft things.

Trucks go on the ground, not on Mommy.

My stomach is not a road. No cars allowed.

It sounds like a mess is being made!

No forks in cups. Forks in food only!

Only unload one plate at a time! You don't have to take the whole stack at once!

Alex, you can't sit on my back while I am exercising!

Alex is saying lots of words these days. This video was taken about a month ago so he knows more words and can say them clearer. This morning, he was sitting in his high chair and was pointing to the refrigerator where we have the alphabet letter magnets. He was saying, "R, U, S, C, D, A, B, R, U..." Cute kid.


TrebleClef said...

'Din Din!'

Janelle said...

He has the biggest dark eyes for being such a blondie.

Noelle @ Mesa AZ Photography said...

He's a big talker?

I LOVE that photo of him. It is an outstanding portrait of a child with a lot of world to explore. Great color. I just love it all.

The One Klar said...

Wow, he gets more and more and more adorable. You can really tell that you love your boys a whole lot!

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