Pretty Boys

I think we are going to have some good-looking daughters one day.


*Sam does not endorse this post or its content in any way.*


Jershelly said...

Haha. That's funny. Landon loves to put on my hair accessories/necklaces/bracelets. I hope that our girls have hair like Landon does. I could do so much with it.

Matthew & Laura said...

AH! SO CUTE!!! lol. How does Sam not find this at least funny? lol.
I have never been told I look tanned. Just white, or badly burned. Thanks though! :)

Naomi Mae said...

Haha! O makes me paint his fingers and toes, and normally I just use clear, but I ran out so I used sparkles once and Jordan was not pleased!
Silly husbands!

And yes you would make some very cute girls!

Spencer and Anna said...

Ha, ha, ha. Cute. I remember doing this very same sort of thing to Seth... :) Pretty sure Sam didn't endorse that either.

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