Father's Day 2013

Sam is such a great dad and deserves to have more than one day a year dedicated to him as a father. We wanted to make the day special for him. The boys picked out some treats and a game for Daddy to play with them.

 photo FathersDay1_zps208270ed.jpg

We let Sam sleep in until 8:45am. Not much of a late morning. The boys were just so excited to go see him and give him the presents. I made blueberry muffins from a box. A few weeks earlier I had made blueberry muffins from scratch. After we gave Sam a blueberry muffin on Father's Day he said, "These are good. I like them more than the last ones." I just laughed and told him that they were from a box.

 photo FathersDay5_zps5dca2655.jpg

We had a special church meeting that day because the ward was getting new boundaries. So we were home from church at 1:30pm even though church normally starts at 1pm. It was nice to have to whole day together. We just hung out, relaxed, and played Chutes and Ladders. I let Sam win because it was his day. But next time, I am totally bringing my Chutes and Ladders A game.

 photo FathersDay4_zps45112c3a.jpg

 photo FathersDay3_zps4d9016da.jpg

 photo FathersDay2_zps81c150ce.jpg

Sam is such a great dad. We have some really lucky kids. I hope they appreciate it!


Paxton said...

The ties on the wall are so cute! I might have to steal that idea next year!

Paxton said...

You are such a sweet wife and mother! Happy belated fathers day!

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