Documenting Declan (5 Months)

Weight: 17 pounds, 2 ounces
Length: 26 inches

My happy baby. Everything about this baby is happy. He is even happy in his sleep. I have to force myself to walk away from him so I can get at least one thing done each day. He is addictingly adorable. His brothers love him just as much as I do. Alex runs in to see Declan as soon as we hear him cooing after his nap. Edison runs in to see him mid-nap. They want to snuggle him and be around him or share their toys and blankets with him. He is definitely well loved; it is impossible not to.

 photo FiveMonths1_zpsd64aa2c8.jpg
He is a cooing machine.

 photo FiveMonths2_zpsf47ae30f.jpg
Still has the blue eyes. I wonder how long they will stick around.

 photo FiveMonths3_zpsf6683f60.jpg
How quickly things can change.

 photo FiveMonths4_zpsa421f978.jpg
He has some very cute "vintage" outfits for church.

 photo FiveMonths5_zps0ce902aa.jpg
He wants to stick everything in his mouth. His hands will do if nothing else is within reach.

 photo FiveMonths6_zps58ac3426.jpg
Taste testing everything leaves him slobbery.

 photo FiveMonths7_zps5199a99b.jpg
"I was sitting in my Bumbo minding my own business and BAM! Sleep snuck right up on me."

 photo FiveMonths21_zpsf3e52ccc.jpg
Sneaky, sneaky sleepies.

 photo FiveMonths8_zpsb127f92b.jpg
He goes on grasshopper catching adventures. Sometimes he gets bored.

 photo FiveMonths9_zps11b04626.jpg
One more month and then that high chair is his!

 photo FiveMonths10_zps3fa01118.jpg
He sleeps in his bed most of the time but sometimes he just falls asleep unexpectedly and I can't let him go.

 photo FiveMonths11_zps47961e4b.jpg

 photo FiveMonths12_zpsf617ebf2.jpg
He got attacked by mosquitoes at a baseball game.

 photo FiveMonths13_zps2ae4abdd.jpg
Sometimes Edison tries to slip him some tongue.

 photo FiveMonths14_zpsbc22f091.jpg
He has perfect skin.

 photo FiveMonths15_zpsd7239706.jpg
He is so resilient. He gets bumped all day long and just looks around grinning.

 photo FiveMonths16_zps4bf7d6ee.jpg
Sit ups are his new favorite thing. He can hold this position for several minutes at a time.

 photo FiveMonths17_zpsfcd3e759.jpg
Noisy keys and a three-finger snack.

 photo FiveMonths18_zpsa3d51465.jpg
"If I could just get on top of him..."

 photo FiveMonths19_zps0ef192ab.jpg
"I'll kill you!"

 photo FiveMonths20_zps117f613f.jpg
Another spontaneous nap and a post-nap snack (paper was also Alex's favorite snack).

A few more things Declan does for which I do not have a matching picture:
...coos when he wakes up.
...loves being swaddled for bedtime.
...has a great schedule (wakes up at 6am, eats and goes back to sleep, wakes up again at 8am. Eats and then plays until 10am. Sleeps for an hour. Eats again at 11am, plays until 1:30 or 2. Sleeps until 3:30. Eats and then plays until around 5pm. Takes a short nap before dinner. Eats a small dinner, then plays and helps us get the older boys in bed. Then it is his turn. At 8:15 or 8:30pm: eat, swaddle, kisses, sleep.)
 ...is such an efficient eater. He will eat for only five or ten minutes and then I can hear the milk sloshing in his belly and he will be content for five or six hours sometimes.
 ...laughs and squeals.
...seems to be in his own world until he makes eye contact and then he grins so hard that his eyes squeeze shut.
 ...has some yucky cradle cap.
 ...has not rolled over but he can sit up for about 30 seconds. It is such a wobbly sitting that we aren't counting it officially. He just wants to be able to look around so badly!
...reaches out for things in front of him during tummy time.
...had his first drink of water. 
...has perfect lips for smooching and thighs for pinching.


Rachel said...

So cute! I especially love the ones of all your boys together! They seem to be great buddies. And your captions are hilarious.

Matthew & Laura said...

Yay Declan! He is seriously such a cutie I can't stand it. Love you guys!

Carissa and Tanner said...

Love the updates. Can't believe it's already been 5 months. He is the cutest little chubby thing ever. Love him!

Spencer and Anna said...

Luke did baby sit-ups ALL THE TIME! We loved it. Maybe it's genetic. :) Cute, cute baby!

Rachael and Jeff Downs said...

I love him.

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