Golfing with the Niederhausers

Tanner loves to golf and goes multiple times a week. Carissa has recently started golfing. Sam wishes he could golf more. I hadn't been golfing in more than four years. When we arrived, I told Tanner that I hoped he had brought his patience with him that day. It ended up not being too terrible. I only had to throw and kick the ball a few times. I remembered a few things from the golf classes I took at BYU, but in general it was just fun and not too embarrassing. I went into it expecting to be bad so the bad shots weren't a surprise and I was happy when I was able to hit it more than a few feet.

 photo Golfing1_zps206a5b3e.jpg

 photo Golfing2_zps0fbc433e.jpg

We only played nine holes. I ended 33 over par and Sam was 15 over par. It was a really fun double date. We rarely go on dates and almost never go on double dates. Party! We went to get pizza and had dessert first. Then we went to pick up the boys. The Althoffs had been watching all three of them (brave souls!). Alyssa showed me this picture of them watching a movie. Madisyn sitting by Edison and Alexa sitting by Alex. They like names that sound like their own, I guess. Silly kids!

 photo Golfing3_zps090c5f1a.jpg


Holly Decker said...

Looks like the kids ha thier own double date! Ha!

Merkley Jiating said...

So true, Holly! That's hilarious.

Carissa and Tanner said...

Good times! We need another double. Maybe bowling since the weather is unfortunately not looking like its gonna be holding out for us much longer :(

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