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The reunion at Zion Ponderosa was in the works for month. I can't remember how many emails I got about it, but it was in the hundreds. Not everyone was able to make it but most of my cousins were and it was so fun to see them. We didn't have cell service so I wasn't carrying around my phone which means a lot fewer pictures. Since we are now more than two months removed from the reunion, I can't remember everything we did each day. It's a shame, but the moral of the story is don't have memory-sucking babies. Or document things sooner. Meh.

When we arrived, only my parents, younger brothers, and grandparents had arrived. They got to meet Declan for the first time.

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The boys got to swing for a while when we first got there but didn't swing again the rest of the time because cars were parked too close to the swing.

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Each family was supposed to prepare a talent to share. Uncle Paul cut up a watermelon super speedily. Even with a dull knife. I was impressed.

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Grandpa's talent was hilarious.

Kayla, Chelsey, Mariah, Diana, and Christina sang the Cups song. I had never heard it before this and now I hear it on the radio nonstop. The adults stayed up talking until the teenagers came out and told us to stop talking because they were trying to sleep.

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The next day we played on the playground, went swimming, and ate delicious food. Each of the families took a turn preparing dinner. The food was all amazing. We also had seven watermelons and a million otter pops.

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Pinatas are awesome. Every party should have a pinata. It's a shame people think they are only for kids. I like hitting things just as much as kids do!

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Sam held the candy for the boys. Aunt Nanette and Aunt Natalie threw out more candy once the pinata broke open.

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Edison was very happy with his spoils.

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My family shared some classic Boy Scout skits as their talent.

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We had a family volleyball game and lots of cousin fun on the stairs. I was really worried about this reunion because we were having family pictures the day after it was over and I didn't want my boys to have a black eye or anything. Of course, Alex fell on the stairs on the first day.

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We were in and out of the pool multiple times a day. My hair was a frizz-fest.

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David got permission to be ordained an Elder while we were there. It was really special to have his Grandpa, uncles, and cousins involved, alongside his brothers and Dad.

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Uncle Emil and Aunt LaRae shared their talent of money and bought night zipline tickets for everyone.

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There were a lot of four wheeler rides. There was also no shortage of dirt. The boys took a shower together after they spent an hour sitting in and throwing the dirt.

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I went on a horseback ride with my cousins and Michelle. As they were assigning us to horses, a few of my cousins made a stink about wanting to ride a horse and not a mule. So then the guide was cranky with us the rest of the time because "Mules are some of the best animals in the world." We were also reminded a few times that "this is a single-file, walking ride only." Booo!

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Aunt Nanette is severely allergic to horses. We had to bag all of our clothes and jump in the pool before going around her again. It ended up that everyone went to the pool. It was really cold in the water but the boys were great about it. Declan just hung out in the shade. He is not a fan of cold water.

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As we were leaving the pool, I gathered up all of our stuff and Alex and Edison. I figured Sam would take Declan from my cousin Sydney and come with us. We walked out of the pool area and Sam's hands were empty. Declan was forgotten. Family of five, Sam. Family of five.

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Another yummy meal together.

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On the last day, we had extra tickets leftover and most people had already gone home or left for the 11 mile hike through Orderville Gulch. We decided to go zip lining a few more times.

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Then the boys went mini golfing while I fed Declan and finished packing up the car.

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I was sad to leave but excited to head to Provo to celebrate Independence Day. I don't know how many more reunions everyone will be able to make it to. We see each other at weddings but it is awesome to be at a place like Zion Ponderosa, where we didn't have any plans except spending time together. I love these memories.

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Janelle said...

When I first read "alongside his brothers and Dad" I thought, "Oh, there was just one brother, Nathanael." Then I looked at the picture and saw Sheldon and Sam kneeling there with Dad and Nathanael, and I just about cried. Definitely brothers!

Jershelly said...

That reunion looks like so much fun! I love family reunions.

Jershelly said...
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