Photo Shoot

I wanted some family pictures that included our newest family member. I heard about a studio in Utah called Camera Shy. I know the current style is outdoor photos but I don't care. I am a big fan of studio sessions with kids because there is much less distraction. Camera Shy was amazing and I plan to go back if we are in Utah at a time we want family pictures done.

We walked into a room and they closed the door behind us. The room had a bunch of different types and colors of walls. We picked our props and background and the photographer pushed around couches and told us where to go and what to do. It was just what we needed since we aren't really the model types.

Edison had fallen asleep on the drive there since it had been such a late night at Stadium of Fire. He was having a meltdown. The photographer and her assistant spent so long playing with him and bribing him with Smarties to make him smile and be happy. I thought the whole session was going to be garbage but they totally turned it around. I left there so pleased and then when I went back a few hours later to pick up the pictures, I was even happier. I have a smokin' hot husband and really adorable kids. I am blessed.

 photo PhotoShoot1_zps72114d4d.jpg

  photo 7615_20_zps45b86296.jpg

 photo 7615_37_zps1748caf8.jpg

 photo 7615_63_zps897c2368.jpg
Fat guy in a little bucket.

  photo 7615_87_zps56cc1064.jpg

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 photo 7615_151_zpsa204e5be.jpg

 photo 7615_153_zps40f69ffc.jpg

 photo 7615_179_zps52dcfe26.jpg
Trying to pop the bubbles the assistant was blowing.

 photo 7615_183_zps6012161d.jpg

 photo 7615_187_zpsadf0a41b.jpg

 photo 7615_219_zps3d77101f.jpg


Andrea said...

Those are great! I actually like studio portraits as well

Jershelly said...

Great pictures! What a cute family.

Rachael and Jeff Downs said...

I love these!! They turned out amazing!

Holly Decker said...

Hooray! :)

Carissa and Tanner said...

Haha. Fat guy in a little bucket. That's funny. And you do have an amazing looking family. You and all your men! I just love these.

Hannah said...

Cute cute cute! I love them!

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