Stadium of Fire

When we found out the family reunion would be ending on July 4th, and we would already be in Utah, we decided to go to Stadium of Fire. Despite growing up in Utah, Sam had never been before and I had only been once. We were really excited.

When we arrived in Provo, our first stop was J Dawgs. Sam loves this place. We moved away from Provo more than four years ago and, since then, J Dawgs has moved out of the little booth and into a real building! It is still delicious though. Sam was cracking up about the Chinese mural.

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After we went shopping for new shoes for the boys, we found a parking spot really close to the stadium. Then we walked around until we found the shaved ice place we had heard about. It was not as good as Bahama Bucks in Mesa, but it was good enough for the hot day and I thought it was awesome how the tables had holes cut in them so the cups would fit right in and not tip over.

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We still had a long time before the show was starting though. Our assigned seats were facing the sun so we didn't want to sit in them quite yet. We played under the seats for a while before headed up. Sam and I had an over-under bet of 5 for how many people we would see. I can't remember exactly how many we saw, but I won (under). It was awesome that we ran in to the Paynes though! Good old Icon Security days.

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Once we got in our seats, the show started. The boys could not look away from the sky divers.

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It was a nice and toasty day.

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Edison was giving the people around us the angry faces I wanted to be giving them. We were sitting in front of a family with kids who kept kicking us in the backs (it's fine, I understand) but the parents were also swearing! Then the ladies next to and behind Sam were both using electronic cigarettes the entire time. We were at an event on BYU campus and were sitting in the crazy people section! It was nice that we were at the end of the row and against the wall though. I was able to stand up to hold Declan and rock him to sleep.

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Hot baby. Declan slept most of the time.

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The show was awesome. The dancers were really good, Cirque du Soleil was cool, Carly Rae Jepson was fun, and barefooted Kelly Clarkson rocked the house. I didn't realize how much I loved her. She would start another song and I would say to Sam, "I love this song! I didn't know it was one of hers!" It was great.

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I bought glow necklaces for the boys at the dollar store. It was a brilliant idea (thank you very much) and it kept them entertained.

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The show was much longer than I expected. The fireworks started after 10pm.

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The fireworks show was really long and really loud. Sam, Alex, and I loved it. Declan slept through the whole thing and Edison cried his head off. He hates loud noises. Sam held him and plugged his ears and then Edison was able to watch.

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We got back to our car just after 11pm. Because we had parked so close, the roads were still empty. So we decided to put the boys in their pajamas. Ten minutes later, the roads were packed. It took us over an hour just to get out of the parking lot. It was okay though because the boys were asleep. We didn't get back to Michelle's house in South Jordan until 1:15am!

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Holly Decker said...

Glad it was good times- and electric cigarettes? I thought those were for the rich and famous! Crazy.

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