Kristen's Birthday

Kristen's birthday was a couple weeks ago and we were lucky enough to get to celebrate the whole week with her! Some girls went out to dinner to a tapas bar. It was delicious and perfectly Ithacan. A few days later, we babysat Canon so Nathan and Kristen could go out to dinner. Canon and Alex are so fun together. Alex is a little pushy but Canon takes it really well. They are so cute! When Nathan and Kristen got back to pick up Canon, they decided to put him to sleep at our house so they could stay and play games! I love playing games. It is nice that we are still able to do things past Alex's bedtime.


I didn't plan on doing this but I am not sure if I will ever write it down if I don't do it here. Kristen has been an amazing friend. I have met so many incredible people in Ithaca. I feel like Kristen has become my sister. I am not worried about impressing her. We are just friends. Our husbands are friends. Our sons are friends. It is so easy. I am going to miss her. I really care about her and I feel like she cares about me. I think that is how friends are supposed to be. She thinks to include me in so many things and I am so grateful that I have had the chance to get to know her. She is one of a kind.


Bryan and Ellie said...

It's so wonderful to have friends like that! I'm glad you've found a "family" in Ithaca!

Kristen Sheranian said...

You are so so sweet to post this! I am glad someone blogged about my birthday since I don't seem to even know what blogging is anymore! Thanks for being a wonderful, sweet friend!

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