Smarty Pants

Sam seems to be on a winning streak recently! Cornell's HR Review had an essay contest for which he wrote and submitted an essay. We were unsure about his chances to win because he didn't know exactly what they were looking for but it was worth a shot. He wrote an essay about increasing the brand equity of the human resources function. At the awards ceremony, he was presented with second place! He has always wanted to win a gigantic check! I am so proud of him!

People were asking him what he was going to buy with the $500. The first thing I did was add it into our Excel file for our budget. Sorry, Sam. He does want to get a new guitar for RockBand so we'll see if we can work that into our budget somewhere.



The Monsons said...

Wow that is so cool! Go Sam! And yes Emily, I would have done the same thing with the check!! haha!

Janet said...

That's so awesome! I always wanted to be one of those gigantic check people too! Although you guys are better than I am, I probably would've spent it on something haha

Bryan and Ellie said...

Once you win a giant check, the greedy relatives begin to hover, I've heard. (Did I mention we're coming to visit soon?)

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