One of Alex's toys stopped working and we needed to return it while the store would still take it back. Toys 'R' Us does not exist in Ithaca (anymore) so we had to go to Syracuse. Luckily Sam had time to come, too! Toys 'R' Us is in a giant mall with a carousel. Alex loves the carousel but I was a little scared! I had nothing to hold onto except Alex and those things spin around really fast! We both survived though.


We decided to get dinner at Dinosaur BBQ while we were in Syracuse. Our friends rave about this place and it has also been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. There was a one-and-a-half to two hour wait! We decided to get our dinner to-go so we could get back to Ithaca.


We put Alex to bed and then went over to our friends' apartment to play games. It is really nice living in the same complex with so many friends.



Becky said...

I agree, that carousel does go too fast! And it's funny because old people run it . . .

Olivia Jewell said...

I love your blog and your son, both are adorable. :) Your blog makes me want to revamp mine, but I'm too lazy!

The Paxton Family said...

Looks like fun! So was the Dinosaur place worth the wait and the reviews?

p.s. I have made 2 headbands, but am not happy with the finish of either. I like the knot, but not how it's made into a headband. So I'm going to make a couple more, send them all to you and make you my guinea pig so you can tell me which one you like better ok?

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