Off to Albany

Danielle is a good friend of mine from high school. She is currently doing Teach For America in Rhode Island. We decided we had to meet halfway before one of us moved away. We decided to meet in Albany. I had never been there before. The night before I was supposed to go, Sam was throwing up. I had never seen him throw up before so I was worried about leaving him. But he told me that I wasn't even allowed to think of canceling on Danielle. It was such a nice, relaxing day. Even the three hour drive was relaxing because I didn't have to keep turning around and giving snacks to someone.

Danielle is so adorable. I am lucky to have kept in touch with her for so long because she is an amazing person. We didn't have a hard time finding things to talk about and it was very easy-going.

I had never been snowshoeing before so Danielle humored me. I am a big fan of snowshoeing now. I was 36 weeks pregnant at this point. It was funny because the leaders of the tour were more worried about Danielle's "unsuitable" shoes than about me snowshoeing while pregnant!


We went out to lunch at a really quaint country store then we tried to go see some New York history sites but parking was insane! We ended up wandering the equally insane mall. I think the entire population of Albany was at the mall.



The Paxton Family said...

Looks like fun! I'm more of a fan of cross-country skiing than snow-shoeing, but I'm just slow with both ;-)
Glad you got to go have fun with your friend!

Geevz said...

FUN! I've always wanted to go snow shoeing. Props for not letting pregnancy stop you.

Rachel said...

That is beyond awesome that you went snowshoeing at 36 weeks pregnant. You rock!

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