Pregnancy Letter 2.4

Dear Belly Button,

Oh why have you betrayed me?! It seemed like we had a deal. Last time you stayed neatly tucked away and I never had to worry about a belly bulge growth. But this time, oh this time, you have formed some sort of strange hill. Although I do appreciate you not "popping" out, as that would have made Sam laugh uncontrollably, I would have much preferred you didn't do what you've done.

What are you good for anyway? You seem pretty expendable to me. You and the appendix should hook up and run away together. Take my tonsils with you.

Your no-longer friend forever (or at least until you correct your mistakes),


Jershon & Shelly Lopez said...

Emily. You are so funny. I love your pregnancy letters.

The Paxton Family said...

hahahaha! I am SO thankful my belly button never popped either! good luck on that, there's still time ;-)

Trina said...

Oh....the belly button....Let's just say that mine will never, NEVER be the same!

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