To campus in a blizzard.

The LDSSA (Latter-day Saint Student Association) has a Friday Forum on campus once a week. We had never been before because Sam does not have class on Friday so it would need to be a special trip just for that. We decided to make that trip last Friday because our Stake President was speaking. I wish we had started going sooner! It was such a good experience.

Friday happened to be a giant blizzard. The bus was almost 35 minutes late picking us up. We were debating getting on the bus because we knew we would be late to the Forum. We decided to get on the bus anyway. Alex fell asleep on the bus and then woke up when we arrived at the Forum (15 minutes late). It ended up working perfectly because he was happy the whole time and then once we got home, he took a long nap!




The Johnsons said...

whenever Kurt went to the forums I was always jealous. :) Your pregnancy letters are really fun to read btw!!

Holly Decker said...

gave you an award on my blog.
don't feel obligated to do the tag, just know that i read you, love you, and appreciate your fandom.

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