Pi Day

"Emily, why does it look like someone stuck their finger in the pie," you ask? Well, that would be because I stuck my finger in the pie. Who wants to come over for dessert now? That explains the hole in the pie, but I have no excuse for why I look like I just woke up.


Alex could hardly wait for his pie. He ate it all and asked for more.


Edison didn't really know that is was a special celebration, but he knew he liked it!


Pi Day has become a huge thing now. I feel like everyone was celebrating this year! All sane people like pie, so I can see how it has caught on. I love having an excuse to make pumpkin pie in March instead of just the Fall.


Andrea said...

i had a dream about you last night. and in the dream you had your hair chemically straightened. it freaked me out!

Janelle said...

Jared's mission president asked me to tell him a bit about Jared. I told him Pi day was his favorite holiday.

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