St. Patrick's Day

The boys woke up to green milk, green toilet water, and kitchen chairs and highchairs tipped all over the place. The sneaky leprechaun had come to visit! The leprechaun also drew on Alex's face, but Alex sweats a small swimming pool worth of water every night so his sheets are a little green now. I dyed too much milk and so we had leftover for a few days. Every time Alex saw it, he would say, "Sneaky leprechaun!"


While I was inside decorating with clovers, Sam was outside trying to kill them.


Alex didn't have anything green to wear. So we dug through the bin of clothes too big for him and found this shirt from my Gramma Neil. It is size 7! It means, "There he is" or "The man we've been talking about." Basically.


I made green mint chocolate chip cookies. We delivered them to a few families in the ward. Most people weren't home. It took almost two hours. Edison was so sick of his carseat.


Alex enjoyed his cookie. He has a major sweet tooth and usually scarfs things down but he was holding the cookie and really savoring it. Or maybe he was forcing it down?


When we got home, I hurried and made dinner: Shepherd's Pie with green mashed potatoes and Sprite dyed green. Not very elaborate but we didn't even get home from delivering cookies until 6pm so it had to be quick.


Most of these pictures were taken during Edison's afternoon nap so he is noticeably missing. He always misses out on the good stuff! However, he was also cute and green.


Anonymous said...

Aww, I feel sorry for Edison, But those cookies were AWESOME!!! And totally made my day! You are so festive! Those boys of yours are so lucky to have such a fun mom!

Holly Decker said...

emily. i have seriously tried not to feel inferior, but this post has put me over the top.
can the two of us still be friends even when one of us (YOU) is clearly more awesome and thriving way better than the other (ME)?
i am thinking as long as we are in different states. for some reason it makes it less painful for me when we aren't next door neighbors.
i know, i know... i just need to go read conference talks... specifically Elder Hollands... and Uchtdorfs...

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