Fathers and Sons Campout

We took Alex to the pediatrician because he had been coughing for a couple of months. Want to know what the doctor told us? He must be catching one sickness after another. Huh. $25 well spent...


We went to get ice cream at Purity. Mostly because it is delicious and Sam had never been. I asked him what he thought and he said it was good. They did have his favorite kind of ice cream (raspberry/chocolate swirl) so it was easy for him to like. Alex stood on top of the table and pointed out every car and truck as it drove by (this is along the busiest road in Ithaca, so there were a lot to point out).


That night was the ward Fathers and Sons Campout. It was supposed to rain and so Sam didn't plan to campout. As Sam left, he said they would probably only stay for about an hour. He got home four hours later. I made them Chinese food for dinner. There was some mocking because apparently that is not a normal campout food. Whoopsies.
Edison didn't get to go this year but next year I am sure he will. And then I will have the whole house to myself. I am already excited.




Janelle said...

My little grandson Alex has a cool daddy who sure loves him.

Naomi Mae said...

Ack! How cute is THAT! I love father son campout, especially with how adorable and little Alex is! Ice cream looks delicious too! I love finding a good ice cream place! We've been enjoying the fact that Chick Fil-A has free kids ice cream ;-)

Ben and Dena said...

Your boys are so SO adorable. I can't get over it. I got your comment on my post- I'm so sorry. Your family is in our prayers as well.
Ben & Dena

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