Graduation Day

Cornell tuition: $48,000.
Textbooks:  $2,000.
Cap, gown, and hood rental: $18.
Graduation announcements: $80.
Sitting in the bleachers for hours: possible skin cancer.
Finally seeing Sam walk across the stage to accept his degree: priceless.

Graduation Day was a long and stressful day. Two kids, no stroller, no nap, in the hot sun, trying to take pictures, nursing in a dress, losing Sam's dad right before lunch, etc. It was just a bad day; but it was a good day, too!





ILR Commencement was in Lynah Rink (the ice skating rink) which is not air conditioned. That would have been fine had there been ice in there. It was painfully hot with no moving air. I may or may not have said a bad word. Alex was in hyperactive mode and Edison needed to eat but it was so hot that he wouldn't nurse under the cover. I was changing diapers in the middle of a hallway because there was no diaper stand in the bathrooms. It was bad.





At one point, I almost went home. Then I thought, "Would I rather stay home all day and not experience things or go out and have everything go wrong?" That settled it, so I stayed.


We were all pretty burned, except Edison. Sam got the most entertaining burn. He had this line on his forehead for a couple of weeks.



Jershelly said...

That sounds miserable! But congratulations to Sam! I'm glad that Edison didn't get sunburned.

Noelle @ Mesa AZ Photography said...

What a hard day. I hope having Sam's parents with you helped. It sounds very stressful.

Emily I am so glad that you do catch up blogging. It makes me feel better. Because I am so incredibly slow and lame. Thank you.

Geevz said...

Bleh! Definitely miserable. But hooray on being finished! No more school ever again!

Brea said...

WOW this seriously is AWESOME! CONGRATS SAM!!!! I cannot wait for that to be us next year!!!

PS~ I am diggin Sam's awesome sunburn!

Holly Decker said...

i am SO grateful you posted this. for some reason it just made you seem more- REAL. so often i glorify your life and just think that everything is going perfect for you and your little family, and this post made me realize that you are CHOOSING to make it a good life.
you really inspire me and i totally needed to read this. Jeff's graduation is coming up and i just know its going to suck! so i will think of you the whole day and i will CHOOSE to be a part of it.
btw, you could never tell from the photos that it was a terrible day- you look AMAZING! what a great little family you have- you should be so proud.
and seriously, MASTERS? go sam! :)

Janet said...

Congratulations to Sam on his achievement, especially at such a great school :D

Elena said...

That does sound pretty bad, but having a husband not in school is so much better! They go to work and then they come home. No more homework or tons of studying when they are at home and for my hubby at least, a lot less stress. Congratulations to both of you for sticking it out till the end!

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