One Saturday morning in May, Sam asked me what I wanted to do that day. I said that I thought we should hike Treman. We tried once the year before but we didn't take any baby food for Alex and turned around before even pulling into the state park. We underestimated the hike last year and we underestimated it again this year. While we were driving to the state park at 11am, I was reading about the hike on my phone. Turns out it is a five mile rigorous hike. I told Sam that I didn't think we would be home in time for lunch and we probably wouldn't even be home for Alex's nap at 1pm. We didn't even bring water bottles! So we stopped at Subway and grabbed sandwiches and water for lunch.


Because I hadn't thought to bring a backpack, I carried my 10 pound diaper bag (it had the sandwiches and water in it) over one shoulder and Edison strapped to the front; my shoulders hurt by the end of the day.


We hiked to the top, ate lunch, and I nursed Edison. That was the only time he ate during the entire hike. He was so sleepy and it worked out perfectly.


A five mile hike takes a long time. Even longer with a toddler and infant. We were changing diapers along the trail and kissing scuffed knees. Alex walked about three miles of the hike. I was so impressed. When we got in the car at 3:30pm (2 1/2 hours past nap time), Alex fell asleep within thirty seconds.


 It was such a beautiful place and I am so glad we had the chance to go see it. Next time we go on hikes like this, we need to plan ahead. But it was a successful day and I loved the time spent with my boys.


Janelle said...

The looks like it was a really pretty hike. So did Sam sleep on the whole drive home?

Merkley Jiating said...

Sam wasn't supposed to close his eyes. And look at that NECK BEARD! Whoa.

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