Glenwood Pines

When Sam and I were dating, I learned he had the reputation of never leaving food on his plate. But he wouldn't stop there; he would finish all the food on the table. It's like he thought it was a competition and if he ate everything then he won. He has changed his mindset since then.

Ithaca has a great burger place called Glenwood Pines. We went there for my birthday and again a few months after that. Glenwood Pines has a eating challenge they call the Pinesburger Challenge. On one of our visits to Glenwood Pines, I made the mistake of saying that I didn't think Sam would be able to complete the challenge because he isn't used to eating so much anymore. When I saw the look on his face, I immediately regretted saying anything. I meant it as a compliment, he took it as a challenge. I knew another visit would be in our future.

When that day came, we invited the Sheranians and Asays to watch Sam take it on. 


The rules:
1. Eat four burgers in one hour or less.
2. You can't leave your seat.
3. No one can help you.


The first burger took him five minutes. The second took six minutes. The third took nine minutes. The fourth took fifteen minutes. He finished in a total of 35 minutes (overachiever). When we got home that night he said, "Yeah, I don't think I'm even going to throw up tonight." That's always a good thing. He got a shirt that he proudly wears. While he was stuffing it down, all the rest of us were enjoying the most delicious burgers ever. Another Ithaca favorite that will be missed.


Matthew & Laura said...

Oy I am going to bed SO HUNGRY. First I watch 3 hours of Man vs. Food and then read your blog post. Those hamburgers look so tastyyyy.... (yes, this comment is from Laura haha)

Rachael and Jeff Downs said...


First of all, 35 minutes?!? It takes me that long to finish ONE. Second of all, THAT'S AMAZING...and gross at the same time. I can sympathize with you because Jeff is the same way...a challenge when it comes to food is no challenge at all. Ha!

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