In the Kitchen

Alex helped me make pizza tonight. He sat on the counter as I added flour into the Bosch. I remember doing the same thing with my mom. As I piled the flour on top of the middle section, and held his finger so he could push the flour off, it brought tears to my eyes. Sweet memories of Mommy and Me time. I have plans for many more dates with Alex in the kitchen. I hope he remembers and looks back on them fondly. Just like I look back on the days my mom piled flour up and let me knock it off, too.

After we were done, he looked at the counter and said, "A mess, a mess, a mess." There was flour everywhere. But it was worth it. I would clean that counter a thousand times to have more moments like that with him.


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Geevz said...

Oh goodness, the oven mitt picture kills me. I love the expression of wonder he has.

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