The Campaign (Emily)

Last night Sam and I helped my sister campaign for... well, someone no one has ever heard of so I will not even bother telling you his name. Anyway, I have about 400 pages of reading to finish by, let's see, last night and I am stressed out. Lots. But I went anyway because the urge I have to procrastinate my learning is overpowering.

First we went to, oh what the heck, Rob Alexander's house and picked up the fliers. Then we proceeded to drive around and around Salt Lake City. That's right, Salt Lake. No where near my lovely apartment or my pages and pages of reading.

Rewind: When we arrived at my sister's house and knocked on the door, she answered in tears because she has just fallen down the stairs! I laughed at first. But she thinks she sprained both of her wrists. And her butt really hurt. Okay, this is a little funny still. She was wearing socks and reading and she slipped when she was about halfway down and bounced the rest of the way down. I really hope I am not the only twisted person who thinks this is hilarious.

Fast forward: Michelle has Sam drive her car to Salt Lake because her wrists hurt. Sam also is the one who "knows how to work the GPS" and so he gets to sit in the car the whole night. Okay, whatever! I am pretty freakin' good at that GPS. I am a girl, right. What is that stereotype again? Oh yeah, girls get lost easily and don't know north from south and would die if a man wasn't there to hold their hand. What is that called again? Oh right, benevolent sexism. I forgot.

Moving on: Sam sits in the car putting in the next address (we had a list of registered voters in the precinct so we only went to their houses). Michelle walks down the street pointing out addresses from the list that need fliers (Michelle did about 1/3 of them, she definitely helped and dealt with her share of old people). Emily goes up there and gets freaked out by all the old people. That's right. Old people are apparently the only ones who vote in Salt Lake. And they like to stand right inside their doors staring at you.

We saw some awesome things. We spent a lot of the time in one trailer park where every single person had motion sensor lights (which I was grateful for because it would have been unbelievably creepy without them). These lights came on just in time for me to see their cats. I am not really a cat lover. Remove the "really" because there is no doubt. One of the streets in the trailer park was called "Trailorama."

We also saw this truck:

After I took this picture, a woman came out (imagine a really high, squeaky, annoying voice) and said, "Can I help you? What are you taking pictures of?" And then Sam drove away quickly and left me there! How rude!

Something pooped on my shoe! It was actually oil. Dang.
On the way home, Michelle took us to Bajio. It only took us two or three exits of Sam's excellent navigating skills (sarcasm? What is that?) to find it. We finally found it by Michelle's directions of "I think it is off the exit where there is a Kohl's. Is there a Kohl's over there?" Why yes, there is.

This whole activity took five hours. I got a text from a high school friend that said, "Due to long lines tomorrow, all Obama voters are asked to vote on Wednesday. Thank you." That is really messed up. I hate dirty tricks like that. Anyway, by the time I got home, I was so exhausted that I barely got through twenty pages of reading before I crawled into our dark bedroom (yes, light bulb burnt out and my life could not get better) and told Sam he better turn off the television or... I would do nothing because I was too tired to move anymore. Sleep.


Camille Elise said...

I love your writing Emily!!! What a day/night/evening??? ...did all of this happen in one day? My oh my. Are Michelle's wrists okay afer all??

Anonymous said...

gosh that's a lot of work!!! i saw similar statuses on facebook for mccain & obama voters lol

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