I am a bad person

On Tuesday in class we were talking about B.F. Skinner and reinforcing behavior and someone brought up the example of children crying during sacrament meeting. I guess the correct thing to do is to take them out so they do not disrupt people and then make them stay in one place instead of running around and playing. That way, you are not reinforcing their behavior.

This reminded me of when I was about ten years old. Imagine my family sitting on the third row in sacrament meeting. All ten of us. Suddenly Adam (the youngest) starts crying. Emily asks Mom if she can take him out and Mom lets her. Emily carries Adam out and sits in the cultural hall smiling to herself. No one knows, but Emily had pinched Adam to make him cry so she could leave. Yeah, bad person.


Jonny and Sarah said...

HAHA!! You totally cracked me up with this post. That sounds like something I would have done! That's hilarious. You're not a bad person. You were just desperate. :)

Camille said...

I always wanted a little sibling so I could try this tactic. I've heard it works wonders. NOw, though, I have to play the organ so I wouldn't even be the one to get to take the kid out. Worthless.

Jason & Shannon said...

Haha! That's hilarious!!

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