Kayla's Bridal Shower (Emily)

Today I went to my cousin Kayla's bridal shower. She is getting married on December 27th and I am so happy for her. She and her fiance make the most beautiful couple. My cute shirt was a gift from Jen. Thanks, sweetie!

Here is the beautiful bride-to-be:

My family has some serious hotties! Michelle, Emily, Kayla, Justine, Chelsey, and Denae!
My favorite parts of the shower:
  • The incredible ice cubes that had raspberries and mint frozen inside of them.
  • After Kayla received an apron, my aunt said, "You can wear that without anything under it too!"
  • After Kayla received a hand mixer and said that she likes making whipped cream, my grandmother implied that whipped cream is for sex. Awesome.


Thais said...

LOL I love your family!

Jen said...

Love the shirt. Looks GREAT on you and awesome color!!! Question. Can I ever leave a comment and NOT use exclamation points??? The world may never know.

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