Words Everyone Should Hate (Emily)

I am not exactly sure why, but there are a few words that make me cringe and want to vomit whenever I hear them. I really should not be telling anyone this. I made the mistake of telling Sam the word I hated most in the entire world and now he says it to me whenever he can. If we ever hear someone say it, he will look at me and repeat it over and over. Quite the incessant one, that Sam. I am going to write these, but I want zero wise-guy comments where you have figured out a way to work every single word into a sentence. Gracias.

Here is my list of words everyone should hate:
10. spores
9. fester
8. regurgitate
7. secrete
6. abscess
5. hella
4. coagulate
3. hemorrhage
2. pus
And finally, the word that should be eliminated from the English language...
1. embedded

In case you didn't catch on, there are quite a few reasons I didn't go into medicine.

While writing this, I kept thinking of words I hate when people mispronounce, not that I hate the words. So here are the Top Five Words I Hate When People Mispronounce:
1. Ask (aks)
2. Ensign (En-sin)
3. Milk (melk)
4. Pillow (pellow)
5. Nuclear (nuke-u-lar)


Thais said...

LOL The whole time I was reading the words I was thinking you'd hate to be a nurse and alas you know it. :)

Oh and I hate when people say 1 and 2 wrong too!

Jen said...

Yeah, not fun words and may I add tender to that list. Sure to everyone else it could mean one thing but to me I will always think of Tommy in second grade telling me that his scab was still tender.....AAAAAAAHHHHH, I feel like I am EATING it!!!!!! BTW I LOVE the new picture up there of you and Sam. Great background too, basically I just love your blog....you win for that TOO!!!!! =) When is a good time for you to get you colors? I'll call you this week and we'll pick em out or you can just tell me what you would like =). YEAH you, our first winner!!!!!!

Camille Elise said...

I second the motion on all of those mispronounce words. and what is "hella". Guess I'll have to look that one up. I feel stupid. Um, another word you should add to the MISPRONOUNCE list..."Celestrial". Ya, when i was visiting my parents ward the lady giving the Relief Society lesson kept saying that and i was an inch/second/meter (whatever the measurement would be) to standing up and yelling, "YOU'RE SAYING IT WRONG!!!!" She wasn't young either...I would let it slide if she was a new convert or a younger person but she was OLDER. UGH.

Lauren said...

Hella is like Ted's favorite word and I still haven't decided if it is a cuss word or not. What do you think?

I hate when people say Pellow too.

Catherine Glad said...

Jason's dad always say's Warsh for Wash! It drives me CRAZY!!

April said...

What a hilarious post. I am going to add to it too.

I HATE the word "moist." I don't know why. I also hate, "garbage" and "luggage."

It annoys me to TEARS when people mispronounce asterisk. They say "asterick" UGH.

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