Can I cuss myself out? (Emily)

Most of you probably know that I am a completely immature brat.

Today in my cooking class we each made our own apple pie. We were able to leave class as soon as we were done and cleaned up instead of staying for the full three hours. My teacher said that one time someone made their pie in 20 minutes so I thought for sure I would be able to be done in a hour. That would give me 15 minutes to get home. I asked Sam to have macaroni and cheese ready at 12:15. So I finish cleaning up at 12:45 because I am a freaking perfectionist. I put my pie in a grocery bag (we were cooking them at home) and began the walk to my car. I was almost to my car and my stomach and leg felt a little cold. The apple pie juices came through the bag and dripped all over my white shirt and jeans. It was a disaster!

I happened to be on the phone with Sam at the moment. This, of course, means that I displaced all of my anger and frustration onto him. And then I hung up on him.

So I got home and put the pie in the sink and went to clean the apple pie juices out of my car. Then I changed my clothes and put some mac and cheese in a bowl. I ask Sam what was wrong with lunch. It looked and tasted weird. Don't worry, he put 3 tablespoons of butter in it! He actually followed the directions! It was so nasty. So I had one bite of lunch, threw the pie in the garbage, and went to my internship. I am cranky. (Please read the first line of this post again. I know.)

This brings me to another slightly related topic. I used to never say "crap" or "sucks." Instead I would say "stinks" and "oh man" type of things. I didn't even say "freaking!" Then I met Sam. He isn't a potty mouth or anything but we just talk differently. Or used to at least. Now we are the same. Back to today's disaster... I almost swore at Sam! (See the first line of the post.)

I don't know why he married me.


Randi said...

That is so not cool. I would have been very upset too. You are totally normal. Nobody's perfect because if they were you would ever see them because they would have been translated. All I know is I have heard many respectable people, family members and such accidentally cuss... haha, I have slipped before. You are cute and I miss you.

Jason & Shannon said...

Haha! I'm sorry that happened! This is a great post though. You are taking a cooking class?!

Lauren said...

Oh man...I hate those days. I am sorry! Don't worry, I used to not say suck, crap, freakin or piss...now it is all over the place. Dang Ted.

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