Good, but not great (Emily)

This has been kind of hard for me to come up with. But here we go...

The following are things that are good, but when it really comes down to it, they aren't quite great.

1. Diesel prices

2. In-N-Out
3. Costa Vida
4. Obama
5. BYU Football


Lauren said...

COSTA VIIIIIIIIDA?!!!!!!!!!!! Are you serious? Wait...you like Cafe Rio huh? I found that people either LOVE Cafe Rio, or they LOVE Costa Vida. I am a Costa Vida fan :)

Lauren said...

Can I copy your idea of this post? It is such a good idea. I would give you credit of course...

Thais said...

I've never had in-n-out burgers! I feel so left out. :(

And I am pretty sure I agree wit Costa Vida, but since we don't have either Cafe Rio or them in Texas I can't quite remember. We used to have Bajios, but they closed. :(

Obama in my book in not even considered good. Neither is BYU football. lol I am so going to get lynched now.

Holly Janeen said...

love your blog... and i love your "whats to come" list... that just REELS me right in!
tell Michelle to REPENT and freakin make her own blog so i can STALK HER! she cant just go marrying a Canadian and then not have a blog.
anyways... glad i found you!

Jen said...

In-N-Out?????? Are you CRAZY?????? I am going to assume that you have not had anything "animal style" and THAT must be why this fabulous burger site is listed!!!!! I would lose SO many calories shakin it at a church dance and NOT care that the whole night I wa still planning on going to get TWO burgers animal style at In-N-Out. I am basically an obese girl hiding in a semi average sized girl's body. Nice to meet you =).

Candi said...

I love Costa Vida

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