Our Day at Disneyland (Emily)

Sam and I just got back from Disneyland.

We left after my last class on Friday and we got there on one tank of gas!

On the way there we saw a train. This was the conversation:
Emily: That's a really long train and you can see the whole thing! Usually you can't see the whole thing!
Sam: That means we're in the middle of nowhere.

True, true. There is a whole lot of nothing between Provo and Anaheim. The camera couldn't see the whole thing though.

This cloud looks like Arabic:
Then we saw Vegas:

We didn't stop the whole way there so we were pretty hungry once we got there and decided to go to Buca di Beppo for dinner. It looked like it wasn't too far away (on the map) so we decided to walk. It turns out it was 1.4 miles away and once we got there, we saw this:
So we were pretty hungry and we decided to go to a place called Morton's. It was delicious. Seriously the best steak either of us has ever had. The problem was that we didn't look at the menu before we were already seated. The restaurant was really nice though so we should have known. It ended up costing
So if you are ever in Anaheim, in the mood for steak, and someone else is paying, go to Morton's.

Our hotel was really inexpensive and only a 5 minute walk from Downtown Disney. It was so nice:

There were some interesting things about the hotel though. It was very old and apparently everyone used to be super short. Sam is 5'7" and he had to bend over to be under the shower head!

We went to bed pretty early so we could get to Disneyland early. We bought our tickets on eBay and I was a little worried that it was a scam but it wasn't! It definitely felt like a drug deal though. We met a guy (Dave) behind a restaurant in Anaheim in the morning and he gave us two park hopper passes. The passes were good for 8 days at Disneyland/California Adventure and we were required to give them back at the end of the night because they had already been sold for the next day so they were making about $800 on tickets that cost $204. It is a pretty good side job, it seems.

We got really lucky with the lines. We hardly had to wait at all. But we had two bad experiences. We were on the Indiana Jones ride about to start and the ride went out of order. Also, we were the next in line for Pirates of the Caribbean and it went out of order. We just stood in line for a little longer and then we went on that ride, too. This is how we felt while waiting:

They were recording for the Christmas show that would be shown on Disney Channel on Christmas day. We sort of saw the Jonas Brothers but I don't really care about them so we didn't stop. Then we saw Corbin Bleu so I tried to take a picture:

I am good at stealing pictures:

Splash Mountain was fun:

Sam got wet:

Star Tours was interesting. Sam loved it! :-)

Around 3:00 we went to California Adventure. We had some good times over there and watched the parade:

California Screamin' was fun both times we went on it:

We went on a water ride and both got soaked. I never completely dried the whole night. My pants don't look wet but that is only because you cannot see any dry place to compare them to. I was wet through my ungies.

Then we went back to Disneyland to watch the other parade.

I seriously kicked Sam's butt on Astro Blasters.
My score:

Sam's score:
We watched the fireworks too. Here we are waiting for them to start:

By the end of the night, our feet hurt so badly! (I hate my feet, so don't look closely.)


Camille said...

I have been trying to finagle myself a trip to Disneyland with Kyle for...ever. We haven't been together in our entire three years of knowing each other, which I think is a total crime. It was gonna be October, but that got pushed to December, which just got pushed to March. So sad.

Glad for you, though.

Lauren said...

You totally saw Corbin Bleu. I can't get over that. I have never seen anyone famous! I love all of your pictures...you know that you are gorgeous right? Because it is true to the max.

Jen said...

ALL HAIL TO DIZ!!!!!!!!!!! I LoVe and miss that place so much =(. I am SO glad that you had so much fun. It's crazy that you start to feel muscles in your feet that you never knew were there after having a fabulous day in a theme park right? I went to the MAC counter and wrote a whole list of things I thought you might like!!!!!!

Watkins Family said...

did you know that you committed a felony? I didn't know but i just found out that if you get caught you could have spent 10 yrs in jail....the ticket thing is a big time felony in cali!!!!

Geneva said...

fun! I'm more than a little bit jealous so I looked at your feet. :)

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