Tuesday Thyme

I have decided that I will be posting cooking tips, recipes, etc. This will happen weekly. On Tuesdays. Tuesday Thyme. It will be a party!

Also, I am going through a phase where I am trying crazy new recipes. If you want to try something out but you are scared, send me the recipe and I will test it for you! Or if you live close, let's make it together!

And to the three people who did not want this to happen, just avoid my blog on Tuesdays. Sorry, friends.

The rest of you, check back on Tuesday for some cooking awesomeness!


Thais said...

YAY!!! Cooking with Emily!!!

And no on the midwife thing! I hated Labor and Delivery with all of my heart. It was super boring, and I don't make for a good cheerleader.

oh and I think you should totally stop doing (Emily)after the title. We all know Sam won't be blogging ever, and if he does he can put Sam on his title so we all know that a miracle has happened. ;)

Danielle said...

I left a comment last night, but it doesn't seem to have been recorded. This is probably because I should have been doing homework, not commenting on your lovely blog and therefore my computer likley overruled my choice to commit and said, "procrastination leads to failure, you will learn this lessom, both in the grade you will earn on your midterm and on your attempts to post on Emily's Wonderful blog." Silly computer.

All that to say, I love reading your blog and check it like 8 times a day because it is WAY better than doing homework or anything else that I am committed to. Loves!

Jen said...

You are to "punny" for words =). SO sad that the internet was not our friend yesterday.....annoooooying!!!! Hope you love those colors and soon a post will be coming just for you!!!

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