Hugging Dead People

At my great-grandfather's viewing, I hugged and kissed his body. Sam thinks that is weird. But it's not like it was an open mouth kiss. Is that gross? I really want to know if other people do this too.


Arica said...

i held my great grandpa's hand. my mother kissed him.

when you love someone i don't find it strange.. unless you're creeped out by deceased relatives, which sounds like sam's case.

Spencer and Anna said...

I think that's super weird.

Love Spencer

Camille said...

I was with my grandpa when he died, and as soon as he was dead--as in, that instant--I just couldn't touch him anymore. It felt too weird to me. Too different. One minute, life...next minute...not so much. I think he knows I love him anyway. And I don't think it's weird of you--my whole family touched his hand or face at the viewing. Just not me.

Thais said...

Sorry to say Em... but that's weird. I only touch dead people with gloves on to tie a tag to their toe!

Holly Janeen said...

its not weird.
i mean, i understand why Sam may say that... its not like the person is in that body anymore or can feel it.
HOWEVER... i can tell you that if it was someone i loved and i wanted to give myself closure, i see absolutely nothing wrong with it.
so, keep on kissin, darlin.

Lauren said...

I would be weirded out if I did it. But I totally don't think it is weird if anyone else did. If people feel comfortable, then they should do whatever they feel they should do when bidding a loved one farewell.

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