In the Cupboard

I remember when we used to have little kids over and we had to give them paper plates and cups because we didn't have any plastic dishes. We don't have that problem anymore. The collection of cups on the top shelf is because Sam buys a souvenir cup at every professional baseball and basketball game we go to. I used to fight it, but he actually uses them so I guess I am okay with it. Listen up, young people: Marriage is about letting your spouse buy pointless collections of things just because! I know, because I am clearly a marriage expert.



Geevz said...

I love collections! The cup one sounds fun to me AND practical. Any time John buys something I think is dumb, I try and remember how much yarn I own just because I might make something with it someday :)

Noelle @ Mesa AZ Photography said...

Just be glad he collects something that only costs a few dollars each time. I think it's great to get memorable items.

Eric and I get a magnet every time we go to a play. That's our special thing.

Unfortunately his real collection is much more expensive, but at least he doesn't have very many. He goes to sword lessons (not like the fencing they do in college, real, historical sword fighting) and he is collecting safety gear. and a few real swords. That's the expensive stuff. Sheesh.

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