Where They Slept

I guess I should say, "Where they were supposed to sleep." My bottom retainer was starting to crack and I wanted to get a new one before it broke completely and my teeth started to move. I had an appointment with the orthodontist today but it was right during naptime. Alyssa agreed to have the boys over for their naps. I took them over there, warned her that Alex might not fall asleep but Edison should go to sleep immediately, tucked the boys into bed, and then went to my appointment.



When I got back to pick up the boys an hour and 20 minutes later, I saw this:


Busted! Alyssa said that she could hear the boys giggling from one room and her girls giggling from the other. There was no sleeping happening. I asked Alex what happened and he said, "I couldn't go to sleep because Edison was going crazy!" I don't know if I believe that. Once I got the boys home, they both took two hour naps. I totally ruined the girls' naps by having the boys over there though. My kids are punks.

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